Determine bone/location/etc of overlap event?

When an object hits another object, you can easily take the hit result and break it out to find relevant info about the hit actor or object (such as which bone was hit, the location of the hit, the angle of the hit, and so forth).

It SEEMS you ought to be able to do this with begin overlap events as well; there’s an output pin there for “sweep result”, which feeds returns a hit struct with all of the relevant data. But nothing ever seems to fire off of it.

I’m using capsule overlaps for a melee system and I’m trying to find the location where the capsule overlapped the enemy’s physics asset. It seems like this should be just as easy as it would be with a hit system (except instead of the sword shoving the enemy, it simply passes through), but I cannot figure out how to get ANY data other than “yes, the overlap happened, and this is what I overlapped”. “From Sweep” always returns false but I can’t figure out what I need to do to “sweep” and make it true so I can get useful data.

you found any solution for this?

i looking for a way for known what bone trigger the overlap event.

Hi, Did you find any solution now?
I have been confused by this for several day, If you know anything, please help me.