Detecting TriggerZone Overlap if Player is Spawned Within Trigger?

I’m an audio designer who’s very, very new to Unreal, so you’ll need to talk to me like a child i’m afraid. I’m trying to develop a system for 2D ambience beds that are triggered when the player enters trigger zones placed around the map. I’ve managed to get the ambiences triggering using the Event ActorBeginOverlap node, but i’m struggling to figure out how to trigger something if the player is loaded within an trigger zone. I’ve had a look at other threads and they’ve either not been quite what i’m looking for or they’ve gone over my head completely.

Just a bit of further information about what i’ve developed so far:
I’ve created a blueprint class called ‘AmbZone’, which is simply a trigger box that has a variable called ‘ZoneID’. So zones can be placed using the one blueprint and then an ID can be assigned to each instance. The ID number corresponds to an array that contains the audio events, so i can easily switch which audio is playing by changing the ZoneID of any zone. Since zones need to overlap each other in several areas, i’ve built some logic to check if the newly overlapped zone has the same ID as the current overlapped zone (This is to avoid audio retriggering). If it’s the same then it won’t play the audio file again, but if it’s different it will play the audio assigned to the new zone and then store that ID as the ‘CurrentZoneID’. That all seems to be working great, it’s just the issue of the player loading in without crossing a zone boundary that’s confusing me, because no audio will play until they do.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

I think there is an option for ‘trigger overlap’ on spawn in the details panel of the player character. I can’t check at the moment but I think there is something about that issue. If not you can always have a custom event fire right after the player spawns and have it check overlaps and cast to the audio BP. If it succeeds play the appropriate audio file. If you need help understanding casting you can check out the first video in the link below. If you are new to UE4 the other videos in the playlist may also be helpful.