Detecting player in Level Blueprints Vehicle player class

What is up guys happy thursday!
I am trying to figure out how to register when a player (vehicle blueprint) touches a mesh that the game knows it and then gives it a little “kick” also when that mesh enters a trigger volume it should reset both the mesh and the player…
I was able to do this with the third person player class blueprint but i am unable to do it with the vehicle blueprint, i am unsure why…i think it has something to do with the vehicle class but i am unsure what.
what do yall think?

^^vehicle BP

^^Third Person

^^Full BP

So i figured it out, the physics settings for the actual car physics asset was set to not generate hit events.
so now i am able to detect when it touches the ball and i am able to apply my impulse. But I can not move it to a new location.

I am thinking that i need to re-work this, instead of a level BP i think i need a game type BP, ball class, goal class and the vehicle (player) class.