Detecting mouse movement

make three variables in your character blueprint:
mousePosX: Float
mousePosY: float
isMouseMoving: Boolean
then do this:

Unfortunately this doesn’t help me much as it’s basically doing the same thing as what i described in the On Mouse Move function override. It’s always firing trying to detect movement. There should be a different way to detect mouse movement other than detecting if it moved every frame regardless if it did or didn’t isn’t there?

you could probably just make a new input action that uses mouse X and mouse Y as inputs. That should also have the same effect

I’ve been messing around with trying to make a menu lately, and I’ve come across a bit of a problem. I want to try to detect mouse movement so i can activate PC controls from gamepad controls, but I can’t see to figure out how to detect that the mouse is moving.

I was looking into the on mouse move override, but I can’t exactly figure out how that works. I’m still a little confused on the whole event reply situation. I can see lock mouse, release mouse capture, and various other mouse related options, but they’ve all done nothing in particular. And I can’t tell a difference between handled and unhandled event replys besides the fact one bubbles and one doesn’t, but I don’t really understand that all that well like in which situation I’m supposed to use which in.

Besides the event reply stuff, I’m still a little stumped on how to detect the mouse is moving, because it seems that the on mouse move is always firing regardless if the mouse moved or not. Can someone point me in the right direction here?

I don’t know another way than checking it every frame or with a delay in pure code. I’m a bit confused about the node setup you show ViceVersa, isn’t get mouse x/y a delta value and you just need to check if it’s not 0.0?

dragon3582, you may want to look into event dispatcher funciotnality. It’s like creating a gloabal event that can be received nearly everywhere. It may not be the finest solution, since you have to bind the your Dipatcher Event ‘Mouse has moved’ in every Blueprint you want to get the event received. HTF do I? Event Dispatchers in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

If Somebody understands how these event reply stuctures things work, pls call me ~_~

Well, this entire time I’ve been trying to utilize controls within the widgets I’ve made to handle all inputs. And there’s no input actions in those besides overriding the key down and other functions to give your own spin on what functionality should be when that widget has focus. I did make a pause actor kinda blueprint that handles pausing and unpausing because I had other ideas in mind to happen when the screen is paused.

Should I just move all input controls to that custom blueprint so it handles all controls for the widget?

Hm. An event dispatcher might be a work around considering On Mouse Move fires every tick it seems. Could just bind it to an input event that handles the mouse specifically and change the widget interaction accordingly to if it moved or not. Considering I’ve gone through every event reply thing and still nothing works trying to get functionality in the widget.