Detecting if Widget is overlapping Widget/Canvas Panel object

Hi all,

I’m back, almost immediately hitting another wall! (…wooooooo…)
So I’ve got a “rhythm table” comprised of notes (the white widgets) that reside in rows (canvas panels) contained in a Rows canvas panel. The Rows canvas panel scrolls to the left until the last note passes the HitPoint (the teal…light teal? box on the left). Well…I mean that’s the plan anyway!
What I’d like to find out is that if it’s possible to detect when a widget overlaps another widget, in this case when the Note overlaps the HitPoint.
Thanks in advance!

Bump for first page! (…because this is still totally driving me up the wall and in the hopes that someone has a solution for this)

As far as I know this cannot be done the way you expect. There’s no widget collision exposed to blueprints that could achieve that. You’d have to write your own C++ solution.

First of all, widgets are not supposed to drive gameplay in any way - they should be used to visualise what is happening behind the scenes. What you’re trying to do would be trivial in 3d.
You could either turn the whole thing 3d and use ortho camera which will make it look sort of 2d or use the 3d collision to drive widget behaviour.

If you do insist on using widgets exclusively for this, you could do the calculation manually. You know the length of the notes, you know the position of the bar…