Detecting if running on dedicated server at runtime ?

Hi. How can I detect if a piece of C++ code is being executed on a dedicated server at runtime in the editor ? I’ve tried ‘IsRunningDedicatedServer()’ and this returns false for both server and client processes while running in the editor.

I’m trying to write some client-side only logic and I’m having real problems detecting when I’m just running as a client.


On any AActor derived class you can use compare GetNetMode() with NM_DedicatedServer

Thanks, is there any way to perform this check from UGameInstance constructor at game boot time ? I want to bring up certain manager objects only if running on the server. At the point I would like to do this there is no valid World object.

Wrap the code for that with **WITH_SERVER_CODE **Preprocessor flag



// code to load up your mananger and stuff here


in this setup the code to load manager and other things would only be present in the Server builds and hence will only run on dedicated servers

Hi, When I add that check around the code and run in the editor all the code thinks it is being run on the server… 8/

Is there any documentation on the differences between running inside the editor in the various modes versus running in standalone builds ? What’s the best strategy for testing and debugging client/server logic when inside the editor ?


You want to use HasAuthority(). Though I am also not thrilled that IsRunningDedicatedServer() does not return true when simulating in the editor and the “Run Dedicated Server” option is checked.