Detecting Client Dual Monitors / Using Two Cameras Simultaneously

I’m developing an RTS game which has two different viewports, one that the player can pan around in (like the strategy game example), and one next to it with a realtime overview of the map (not a minimap, but an actual top down camera view of the entire play area). How would I go about setting this up? Is it possible to use two cameras simultaneously and render both to different areas of the screen? Would I be able to apply different post process settings to each viewport individually?

Also, assuming that it is possible, how could I detect that the client is using two monitors? It would be very nice to have one viewport rendered on one screen, and the other rendered on the second monitor (assuming the client has the right screen setup).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Moved this question to the C++ section, using this as a bump opportunity. Any help or thoughts are appreciated!