Detecting caves?

Hello, I use Begin Overlap and want to detect caves.

I cast to StructurePreventionZone, but that also exists as non-caves.

There is also that other volume that makes the echo sounds but I don’t know if that’s used outside of caves.

Other volumes have that one variable called “bIsOutside” but cave corresponding volumes do not have it.

I would make a trace call between actor and sun to detect if Outside + the StructurePreventionZone cast. Is there another simpler way? Maybe that echo volume IS INDEED only used in caves? Does anyone know?

I believe that the volume that you are looking for is called a Postprocess volume. Open the level blueprints “The Island” and you will see how they make the “On Entered” and “On Left” events work on the postprocess volumes for their caves.

The volume I was talking about is called Reverb. But I am unsure if it is just used in caves.