Detect world teardown?

Hi, is there a way to detect world teardown in blueprint? I see in C++ there is a World::bIsTearingDown, but not in bp.

Expose it to blueprint by doing thing like this in a class of your choice.

* @param isTearingDown true if world is tearing down.
*/UFUNCTION(BluePrintCallable, BlueprintPure, Category = "WorldState", meta = (DisplayName = "IsTearingDown", DefaultToSelf = caller, HidePin = caller))
static void K2_IsTearingDown(UObject* caller, bool& isTearingDown)
    isTearingDown = caller->GetWorld()->bIsTearingDown;

Thanks. Sure I will do that, but I’m just wondering why is this not in default bp, or maybe there’s another name/way to do that. I find so many area requiring this check in bp.