Detect when a montage is playing

Is there a way either through C++ or Animation Blueprint to detect when an character animation montage is playing or not?

In your anim bp you can use the “montage is playing” node. It will give you a bool variable which you can use. :slight_smile:


Found the C++ version of it too…


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Hey guys, I cannot see see the “Montage Is Playing” node in my anim blueprint. I’m using 4.14

Yeah But It Keeps Asking For A Target, An Anim Instance Which Idk What That Is, This Is In The UMG “Pressed” View Button, Its For Mobile, Such A Hassle, The Things That Works In Other BP That Isnt A Umg Button It Works, But As Soon As In A UMG Button I Cant Do Nothing Cause Its Looking For God Knows What

Nvm, Found The Answer Just As I Commented lol, This Is All In The UMG, Button Interface, Finally

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