Detect weather a value is increasing or decreasing

How would I do this in blueprints?

pseudo code would be something like:

if value is increasing print “up”

if value is Decreasing print “down”

Check the input and see if it is negative. If it is, print down.

Or if you dont get the delta all the time: Check to see if the new value is greater than the old and if it is, print up. If it isnt, print down.


What I want to do is check if the new value is greater than the old value, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it

If(oldValue > newValue) print increase
Else print decrease

sorry, new problem, how do I get the old value? I tried making two variables and somehow storing the old value in one. but I can’t get it :confused:

That is exactly what you have to do. OldVal = NewVal; NewVal = InputVal;

What you are saying makes no sense.