Detect variable value change coming from C++ in BP.

I’m new in Unreal Engine 4 and I’m trying to make a Punch animation when player press left click. I Bind the action and create a method in the Character that sets the isAttacking attribute of my AnimInstance to true like this:

and the UE_LOG shows me that is working, when I press the Left click, the value of the variable is set to true. Also on my Character Animation BP I have this:

The Mannequin_IDLE animation that makes the walking works if I bind it to the Output Pose so I thought that if I bind the new Pun ching animation this will also work, Obviously I’m wrong but I don´t know how to manage this part. BP’s are really confusing to me.


I think this question should be tagged as a c++ even though it also uses the AnimationBlueprint.

Is UAttackingAnimInstance a parent of the characters AnimationBlueprint? You want the variable “IsAttack” to be updated in the current AninmationBlueprint which then sends the information to the Mannequin_Punching1.