Detect specific widget for on drop

So I’ve been working with drag and drop for my inventory system and more or less have that together. Right now I have equip slots and inventory slots that I can generate as items get added or removed.

The thing is, if the inventory is empty I actually can’t drag anything from the equipment back into the inventory because the drop event is handled by existing inventory widget blueprints.

I want to move the drop event over to the main hud blueprint but limit it to only when dropping into the Inventory list (Scroll Box)

Is there a way to detect if it was dropped onto the inventory list? I suppose I could make a new widget blueprint for the inventory list but I wanted to know if there was another way.

You should have multiple “On Drop” functions, both on your “item slot” and on your main inventory window where the item slots go.

My problem is kinda like the OP but I already have my slots preset. I want to be able to drag from my equipment to my inventory but if you don’t drag it over a slot just over the inventory I would like it to find an empty slot instead. Unfortunately the drop on override seams to effect the entire widget blueprint I need to do something different depending on the part of the blueprint it was dropped on.