Detect Slate Keydown

I have a slate widget derived from SCustomWidget.

I give focus to that widget with something like this.

	FInputModeUIOnly Mode;

I have a overridden the OnKeyDown function of slate.


	virtual FReply OnKeyDown(const FGeometry& MyGeometry, const FKeyEvent& InKeyEvent) override;


FReply SPSE_LYFE_PlayerUIWidget::OnKeyDown(const FGeometry& MyGeometry, const FKeyEvent& InKeyEvent)
	GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 5, FColor::Green, "works");
	return FReply::Handled();

But this event doesn’t trigger. Anything specific should I do to bind this event?

Make sure the widget supports keyboard focus, you’ll need to override the virtual function for supports keyboard focus and return true.