Detect multiple drag and drop inputs at once

Hi there! I am making a drag and drop system in unreal with blueprints, mostly using this tutorial. I tested the build on my Surface Pro, with touch screen, and it worked. However, for my game the player will need to be able to drag and drop 2 widgets at once. When I am dragging one widget, the game will not let me drag a second one at the same time? Is there a way to do this? I may need to setup better touch input, because right now it is just triggered on a mouse click (but for some reason it still works with touch on my Surface Pro). Thank you for your help!!! Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Widgets can be reparented between containers by simply adding them there. You could create a dragging widget that has a container (a horizontal box perhaps) and add both widgets there to have that visual feedback; and still have only one widget to drag - that horizontal box. What’s in the drag’s payload is up to you since you can extend it any way you want.

Thanks for you help, but after researching it more I think that windows multi touch is not supported in Unreal. The surface converts all the touch inputs into mouse click events, and then the game cannot register the direct touch input. This prevents it from registering multiple touch inputs at once, and it on registers one single mouse click at once. I am trying to find some sort of work around for this, or something I can do to get the touch inputs to work on the Surface Pro, but right now I have no luck. Thanks for you’re help!

Looking into this further I found that the game will not register any of my touch events while I am dragging. I have multiple widgets that I can drag from, but when I am in the middle of dragging one of them the game will not register any of my other taps. Do you know why this is? Could the drag and drop function be overriding something? It will register multiple taps when I am not dragging a widget, so I find this strange. Thanks for your help.

I do not. But it does sound like one of the UMG limitations. Mobile touch is not my domain, sadly. I probably cannot help you here.

Alright thanks anyways!!

Did you ever find a solution for this? I’ve searched for hours looking for multi-touch input on windows, and while it’s suggested that this was implemented way back in 2016, I haven’t seen any evidence of it working…