Detect fall damage How is it normally done?

My pawns fall form long altitudes and won’t die, I wonder how you handle to code that? I was thinking about a timer but that thing is expensive maybe or over-complicated? I choose to copy from others rather than be creative here : P :rolleyes:

In the Landed event, check the velocity.z.

oh broo you are such an angel : D thanks that is easier than timers… So i deduce there is acceleration right when falling ?

I haven’t tried, surely the acceleration will be constant during the whole fall, but the velocity will go up to a maximum, and it can help you to know when to apply damage or not.

This is mostly (if not all) already implemented for you in Pawn.uc

function TakeFallingDamage()

Ok :o will try it to why not ?

adjust the default properties MaxFallSpeed

Alright… thanks…