Detect collisions on creative_props

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So I’ve created a script that spawns a creative_prop on a specific position, but now I want it to be able to detect when a player collides with the creative_prop, is there a way to detect it by using verse or is there another method? (If it’s even possible)

Hey, I’d be happy if someone corrects me but I don’t see any way to listen for collision events with Verse. You can implement some basic primitive collision checks yourself however, e.g. sphere + cube, capsule + cube. You have the fort_character translation, and the translation of your prop at your disposal. Please note this would be very simple overlap check with the max 30fps update of verse so would only suit certain situations.

Edit: It seems like the Prop Mover Devices does actually give you a way to get at some collision events. You do get a static mesh component you can configure on this device so may be useful.

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Teleport a mutator zone that is slightly bigger to the props position. Subscribe to the EnteredZone event and consider it collision.


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