Detect closest contact point on it based on the player's vector position, concave/ convex

Looking for a way to get contact point on mesh but not directly colliding.

Mesh can be concave or convex…a giant arena of sorts.
Separated into pieces because the materials need to be so.

I can turn into convex, by mixing it together, but then there’s also different physics treatment and tags…

But yeah, need a pointer first on what to check…
Basically the character will acquire this point in space regardless wherever it is facing, on a wall or static mesh, maybe dynamic mesh…
And using this point it can do things. It’ll be like a radar of sorts.

I may not be understanding exactly what you want to do, but it sounds like your solution may involve raycasts/tracing:

See the image at #13, specifically the Break Hit Result node.

True that. I am familiar with raycasting but what i need is like, circular raycast.
A radar of sorts that detects/return a hit from any closest mesh. Not from the raycast direction.

thank you for the infos too