Detect A Running Program?

Been doing research into protecting my game from cheat engine.
I want to check if a process is running and then shutdown the game if it is.

That would probably be a bad idea. You should look into Easy Anti-Cheat.

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Use Easy Anti-Cheat. IF you need to ask how to check if other process is running, then you have no chance to stop cheaters.

MS windows api for this thing:

And you need to plug this code into some blueprint node, should be trivial to add.

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Well considering theres not a lot of information on this sort of thing in the first place, UEs encryption wont work, and every tutorial out there for new developers never mentions how to protect a game, I think my question was reasonable in my search of preventing cheaters.

Also EAS is only available if I know C++ or shell out $120 for the marketplace plugin and try to work it into my Steam game. Doesnt sound very easy to me.

I asked this because theres another anti cheat plugin on the marketplace that shuts down cheatengine but cant prevent it from running before the game is loaded. And not really trying to download that as it has many issues with other softwares not pertaining to cheating.

I work in IT security for many years, this fight is kind of hopeless.

  • Your product is always out there, bad guys can download it and try or reverse your code as much as they want
  • You can only respond to their actions
  • it is just you (and your team) against rest of the world

So only chance you have is to have better security than it is worth cracking. That translates you must spend more on it than it is worth to bad guys.

For game that most probably never will be big, it is just not worth hassle.
And in many cases pirating means more exposure of your game, just include few features that are worth paying those few bucks.

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Because it is futile. The only way to keep something safe is not to share it with anyone like making an always online service that no one except you can tamper with.