Details panel presets


I’m tweaking some post-processing volume settings here… tweaking values, changing my mind, seeing the results, changing my mind again, fine tuning etc. Then I thought, as a long time maya user, what if we had (like in maya’s attribute editor) a button to store details panel presets? You tweak a lot of parameters, if you feel the result is worth saving (to compare versions, variations), you click a button at the top of the details panel and store a named preset. Another button by the side allow the user to load a preset among a drop-down list of the saved presets.

It would be a nice thing to save time while tweaking parameters. Also when creating, let’s say, for instance, a spot light with a customized setup for volumetric lighting, you would just create it, click the “load preset” button, and you’re done, instead of going through each parameter changing them (and also trying to remember the right values for each), nor having to create a blueprint (and duplicates of it for variations) for this.