Details Panel Gone

Trying to transform, rotate and scale my objects. I use to have a details panel but it disappeared. Any idea how I can get it back?

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Upper left where it says window - then details - select details 1 or whichever to open a details panel.


omg ty lol!!!

It may also happen that it is checked but you cannot find it. It is because its minimalized somewhere in the window. Try searching for it on the right side with your cursor and stretch it bigger.


I x’d it out by mistake… thought I broke it… so I Thank you ALSO!! :slight_smile:

ty for the info had the same problem and has looking for a conclusion to it .!

Thanks from 2023.

Thanks was going nuts looking for it


i had the same issue this morning, and here is a great advice:
Eventhough i must somehow have minimized the window to zero;
or a bug made it invisible; i could solve the issue like this:
Go under “Window” / “LoadLayout” / “Defalut Editor Layout”.

Best wishes and stay productive!

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