Details not show component properties

Hi Ninjin, I really hit you, I not create on header file, here’s the code in cpp:

void ACharacterPlayer::SetSpheres()
	float SphereRadius = 15.0f;
	FName CollisionProfileName = TEXT("Pawn");

	USkeletalMeshComponent* SkMesh = this->GetMesh();	

	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = "Variable")
	FName LSphereName = TEXT("LSphereName");

	USphereComponent* LSphere = CreateDefaultSubobject<USphereComponent>(LSphereName);

	LHandHitSphere->SetupAttachment(SkMesh, "L_Socket");


Hi guys, I have this Character:

HitSphereComponent [Inherited]
HitSphereComponent [Inherited]
Movement Component [Inherited]

When I select the Component Part (any), the details not show the properties.
I made this image to show.
If somebody could see something where I not, please help me in this quest?


You really shouldn’t create the sphere component in the header file. If that’s not case, even though you said “ignore red mark”, I assume you declared the name wrong. If my assumptions are incorrect, you are allowed to hit me <3

If you want to expose variables to the editor with UPROPERTY, you do it in the .h file. So in your case, you just move

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = "Variable")
USphereComponent* LSphere; 

into your header file and then you can initialize

LSphere = CreateDefaultSubobject&ltUCameraComponent&gt(TEXT(“LSphereName”));

in your .cpp.

Does this solve your question? <3