Details Customization Error


I tried following this tutorial :, but it doesn’t even compile.
There seems to be some problem with the inclusion of the DetailCustomizationsPrivatePCH.h, the error message saying “fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘PropertyEditing.h’: No such file or directory”.
Am I missing something, like a dependency or include? Or could my compiler be damaged? Any ideas?

I got this to work by copying “Editor\DetailCustomizations\DetailCustomizations.Build.cs” into my build.cs . Not sure which modules were missing, I will figure that out later through module russian roulette.

You just need to add the “PropertyEditor” module as a dependency.

For the include alone, yes. But once I added some more functionality it wasn’t enough any more, so my guess is that there’s some other important stuff in that pile of modules.

Well, when you get errors like that, just do a search in the documentation/Github for the type/header file the error mentioned, and you can find out what module it’s in. Better than adding a bunch of dependencies that you don’t need.

#include “Editor/DetailCustomizations/Private/DetailCustomizationsPrivatePCH.h”

#include “DetailCustomizations.h”
#include “IPropertyTypeCustomization.h”

Edit Build.cs add:

		new string] {

		new string]

Worked for me in 4.16.

Here’s a reference for the properties customization in a plugin.

Here’s a reference for having a custom details view defined in a plugin.