Detail panel won't show

totally bizarre, running 5.0.2 and today the details panel won’t show for stuff in my blueprints - this obviously puts me dead in the water on my project. in my level blueprint, the details will show, and in the editor, the details will show, but for any individual blueprint. I go to window > details and it’s already marked as checked. I was briefly losing my mind and was wondering if the window was detached, but it’s not, it’s just not there. please help…

In the main editor window:

Window → Load layout → Default editor layout


thank you that fixed it what was that all about?

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Components window disappearing is my favorite.

Often an editor restart does the trick. But reloading the layout is a final fix.

lol what the hell – I kept restarting the editor, but only the layout restart really did it – weirdly I didn’t find anything when I googled this problem


Yo, thank you so much man I was looking for an answer to this for 3 hours. Im so new to unreal engine and this took a huge stress off me :joy: