Detail panel missing in Character Blueprint(Verison 4.7.5)

Hi Everyone,

I posted this question on answer hub too, but figure i give forum a try.

I was working on my chracter’s blueprint, connecting nodes, make a few changes, then I press ctrl-z to undo some of my changes.

It took ue4 a long while to undo it, about a few seconds, then I noticed few of my blueprint’s component suddenly went missing:

  1. capsule component
  2. movement component
  3. mesh component

now i get warnings and error everywhere about missing component whenever I PIE or open my character’s blueprint.

The problem seems to be unsolvable right now because I can’t delete or reassign the missing components.

Did anybody encounter this bug before? How can I solve this problem beside re-creating my character blueprint?

Thanks in advance.


I also happened to me.
It was when I was editing a “Switch to int” node, then pressed ctr-z and all int values changed to zero. Then I was the same you say, mesh and movement components stoped working for me and I cannot fix it untill now =(

Try going to View/Reset Layout

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