Detail Paint on Landscabe dont work?

Hello Guys,

I tried to paint on my forest a little path. But no matter what i adjust by the params for the brush size, value or fallout, even by the blend layer method in the material master between weight, alpha and height blend, it dont paint like i want :frowning:

The paint results are always too big and by the places i want to paint it dont paint and paint instead on a other place. It seems to me that the paint tool only work on certain vertex points :confused:

I made a screen for you. Red is what i want. And in the purble marked area the tool dont work at all :frowning:

How can i paint little detail stuff by this tool?


Did you use a recommended landscape setup from here:

That might help. But generally speaking, when painting the landscape, you never get to do ‘tiny’ things, it’s more of a broad stroke approach.

PS: something that might work is scaling the whole landscape actor down, that way the texels shrink. But you have to watch out for any performance issues…


thanks for the reply. But i know now where my mistake is. I generate the landscape in world maschine and import it to ue4. Than i scale it x300. And there is the problem. I scale it up to high. I already tried to scale it down but than my whole foliages just change the pos, not the size. And i cant begin from new, cause i work on it 8 months :frowning:

Any ideas how to get there a little path now? :frowning:

Well, I was on the right track :wink:

I think you have to redo the foliage ( did you do that in UE? ).

Another option is a path mesh. Make a seperate mesh to be the path and apply a material with pixel offset. It should blend pretty well…

Yeah, i found this really cool live training for mesh paths :slight_smile: Creating a Terrain Path in UE4 - Livestream - YouTube

This is what i am looking for :smiley: Thanks for the help and time!

This mesh path solution is what i am looking for :smiley: Creating a Terrain Path in UE4 - Livestream - YouTube