Detaching actor to component when attaching new component

I have made two seperate static meshes that are two masks. When I walk over to one of the masks, it snaps on the character since I connected it to the socket(This works the same with the other mask). The problem is that when I walk over to the second mask it snaps on aswell. How do I detach the first mask when I attach the second one (abd so the first one goes back to its original position?).

I added a picture of the masks and on their blue prints.

You could go ham-fisted about it and store the static mesh reference in the character, DetachFromComponent, reposition and attach the replacement.

But you should be able to retrieve the reference from the socket with Find Socket and providing the name, then DetachFromComponent, reposition it and attach a new one. I really mean should - not sure if you can get it to work this way - worth trying, though.