Detach Player from Mount

Hi There,

I have a code when the player interacts with a horse, he mounts it. The way the code works is that the player mesh (not the root) play the mount animation, then attaches and welds to a “Horse Rider” skeletal mesh component on the horse, then possesses the horse. It works perfectly, though my problem is when you dismount the horse. what seems to be happening, is when I use the detachfromcomponent function on the mesh, the mesh actually detachs from the root of it’s actor, and not just from the other actor. I also tried generically detaching the actors to no effect, since the actors are attached by meshes. Any idea how I could get around this issue would be a huge help!

Thanks a bunch!


I believe there is a “detach from actor” node that separates 2 actors in addition to the detach component node. Have you tried that one? I’m not sure if that’s what you meant by “generically” detaching.

i am having the same issue. did u ever resolve this?

I believe this is not gonna be solved. it has been a year since it was posted and yet it still here