Detach character from controller, then reatach after animation?

Hello, I’m very new to Unreal Engine and this will be my first of probably many questions. I have a floating character who wanders around and when you enter his collision box, he falls to the ground and he emits a cloud of gas. Kinda like a little proximity enemy.

Right now, If the player touches his box collision he stops moving, plays a sound, plays his animations, emits the gas, then plays his “get back up” animation. But that’s it, and I want him to be able to start moving again. I did “detach from controller pending destroy” so he would stop moving, but I want to reattach the controller after everything so it can start again from the wandering. (Also having an issue with the animation restarting and another particle engine forming if you step out of the collision box and back into it. Bonus points if you can help with that too!!) Thanks!


I’d use another method rather than detaching from the controller. I think you can pull a pin out of the controller and choose something like ‘disable movement’. Then later choose ‘enable movement’.

If you want to stop the scenario triggering again too soon, why not put a do once before the whole thing. Only reset the do once after some period of time. This time period can be governed by a SetTimerByEvent which is connected to BeginPlay…