Detach camera from character movement?


I’m trying to figure out how to separate the camera and mouse input from controlling the character during an animation or skill.

You can see in the video the character can be completely rotated will spinning like that. I want the mouse input to be locked out during that, but still be able to control the camera with mouse and look around. Then once the animation is finished go back to having the mouse control the camera AND the character.

Any ideas?

Anyone out there? I’m totally stuck on this one.

so i figured it out. I had to uncheck Use Controller Rotation Yaw during the animation which allows me to move the camera anywhere without moving him. BUT now if the animation ends and the camera isn’t directly behind him he jerks instantly to the direction of the camera.

Now im trying to figure out how to get the character to rotate back slowly over time to the direction of the camera. It seems like such a simple concept but this is proving to be the hardest problem I’ve come across in Unreal.

This is what im dealing with now.

that particular animation might complicate things a bit, but I think all you need to do to fix this is add root motion to the animation and reimport it UE4 adding root motion animations from mixamo - YouTube

GOT ITTTTTT. Holy mother. I was working on this literally all day. 6+ hours!

You just have to have a set false use controller rotation yaw during the animation