Detach actor from component?

I have attached an “actor blueprint” to my character’s “component” using "Attach actor to component.

now how can i detach it so it can start simulating physics again?


well, what do you know… i found it… its called “Detach actor from actor”. perhaps i would never figure it out cuz its called “detach actor from actor” not “detach component from actor”.

hope this help others!


Has help me!!

,I tried this but it still deletes the child actor when I delete the actor it was attached to. :\ Well i’m using the DetachFromActor node, which i assume is the same thing but in the most recent version of UE4

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DetachFromActor worked for me.

@0vr I think the key is setting “Keep World” because when “Keep Relative” (default,) the actor moves to world location 0,0,0 which might give the appearance of the actor being deleted.

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It’s DetachFromActor, according to the document, this “Detaches the RootComponent of this Actor from any SceneComponent it is currently attached to.”.