'Detach Actor' Destroys Actor?

I’m currently trying to attach an actor to a car as a component on overlap, and then detach them after a variable trigger (i.e. a delay). Currently, the Attach works fine, but after the specified delay that I am using in testing, the actor is deleted from the scene completely when the detach node fires. I would like to place the actor [being attached] next to the car wherever the car has driven to, and also am unsure how to achieve this as my actor is deleted before I can test my SetTransform code. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Over in your world outliner does your actor count actually go down or is your detached actor just nowhere to be found?

I have found a workaround; not sure why the problem is occurring but I managed to make it work by teleporting the actor to a location x:200 and y:200 away from the car’s GetActorLocation.

It deletes it completely, I’m curious as to why this might be a default for this node, if not I’ve messed up somewhere!

It’s because it’s using the relative location still after you detach it.

I have the problem only for the client and I use for detaching and attaching only world rules.
Can you help me to fix the problem? If you need more specified information just ask.