Destruction system in unreal engine?

I never touch this stuff in unreal engine :frowning: so What is common workflow/feature that people use in unreal engine to create destruction in unrealengine?
in destruction here I mean like when we shoot or put a bomb at wall and boom!!! the wall is destroyed.

what is common feature/workflow people use for this?

are you talking about dynamic or pre-baked destructive stuff?

Unreal engine has built in destructible mesh tools.

Start with those! :slight_smile:

I think I need both of them

wow, thanks
I hope we can make not only entire mesh is destroyed, but just little part of mesh (just for bullet hit a wall, so not entire wall will destroyed

by the way, will it bring big impact to our game performance if all building like wall/window/door in the level is destroyable?
I want to try make shooter game, I really love when we can destroy the windows, door, wall, the building like common shooter game.