DestructibleComponents not destroying when many in scene

I appear to have run up against a bug regarding DestructibleComponents no longer fracturing in a scene with many such components. I have a level setup with a number of destructible walls. When the player shoots a wall in front of them, it fractures. This works correctly, but only up to a limit. Once I add one more wall than appears to be supported, the wall being shot just vanishes instead of fracturing.

Here are the stats:
3981 destructible components (from obj list class=DestructibleComponent)
2980 physX shapes (from STAT PHYSICS)
2483 “Mobile bodies”(from STAT PHYSICS)

4051 destructible components
3034 shapes
2528 mobile bodies

Below are pvd captures showing the two versions of the level. In working.pvd, you can see the two walls in the center of the map fracture after the raytraces from the player’s pawn. In notworking.pvd, they do not fracture.

Is there a limit to shapes, apex actors, destructible components, or any of these? Is this documented anywhere?

PVD captures (too big to attach): Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

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Awesome Pierdek, much thanks!

FYI, you can put those settings in the project-specific .ini file “DefaultEngine.ini” also, in the section [SystemSettings]

OK Solution from Pierdek was to adjust the settings for APEXMaxDestructibleDynamicChunkIslandCount / APEXMaxDestructibleDynamicChunkCount by placing the following in DefaultEngine.ini: