Destructible wall

Hi I would like to make a destructible wall of stones, what I want is the wall to break in pieces of the same size of every stone, how can I do it?. I was thinking about making a blueprint that contains every stone and set physx when i hit the wall, is there other way to do it??

You can do it with physix destructions (plugin or sdk) -> there you can choose a “brick” destruction :slight_smile:

But i don’t know if it looks real because i dont want to create new geometry when It breaks. I want every stone to fall like an independent mesh can I do it in the physx sdk?

Hi miguline,

There are a two ways you can do this right out with destructibles.

  1. FBX Chunks imported in your DM. I did a simple setup and showcase for this in this post: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?56777-Photons-Be-Free-Mini-tutorials-and-other-curiosities&p=207604&viewfull=1#post207604

This one is really easy and you get the most control with different meshes, although it is only a single depth layer.

Here is how you can set this up.

I created this in 3Ds by creating a my Wall Mesh. Next I created the stone/brick that would make up that wall and placed them along how I would like.

I exported both these as separate FBX files.

Once you’re ready Import the base wall mesh into UE4. Then right click and create destructible. Use the option for FBX Chunks in the tool bar. Then you can select the FBX that will be the stones/bricks.

You will now have your stones setup as your DM fractures.

This is the result for my simple setup:


If you want the chunks to break away like in my video you will need to set the support depth to 1.

The only two settings I changed from defaults were Support Depth and World Support.

  1. You can use a texture to generate your own cutout for fracturing using PhysX Labs standalone app or DCC plugin for and Maya as well.

Take a look at the APEX Destruction with PhysXLab: Cut-out Fracturing video. https://developer.nvidia/apex-destruction-physxlab-tutorials


The fracture will be based off the cut-out texture you provided, but it’s doable there as well.

If you have any questions or need further help feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Thank you, It is very interesting, I will test it

It works right but when It crumbles down there are some chunks that stays in the air, some way to fix it??

Hi Miguline,

Can you post the assets or screenshot of your results?

Even with mine it can be a little troublesome with collision. Destruction is still a work in progress and has a ways to go with some things more than others. It may be that this method will not work best for your situation, in which case, making your asset in PhysX labs may produce better results.

I’m willing to take a look none-the-less. :slight_smile:

Yes I have change it a bit, now a have another issue but maybe it can be solve for now

the wall in the air it is other destruction mesh that it was on the one that has crumble, because you can’t join then like the same destructible mesh isn’t it? or there is some way to break it at the same time that falls the other one

I have use the first method importing the chunks

okey now the one that its in the air now it falls but it falls everything at the same time not like the same parameters of the first method

Ideally in this situation using Form Extended Structures would be the solution here, but there is a known bug with this right now that will be addressed in the future. The bug with Form Extended Structures allows one mesh to be destroyed, but any of the extended meshes do not apply any damage until they’ve been separated from the mesh that can take damage (UE-6062).

As I had mentioned earlier, there is still some work that needs to be done with destruction to it where it needs to be. With that being said, you can get some decent results with most features in DMs and in your case with the wall you could work around the issue by having a single mesh rather than the smaller that uses form extended structures.

, what version of PhyX/Apex are you using? When you finish the wall and import into 4.6.1, do you do anything to it in UE4?

3Ds DCC Plugin Version: PhysX 3.0.2, Cloth 1.3.2

PhysXLabs: 1.3.0

As I listed above I set the World Support to true (this is so that it is supported and doesn’t all fall over if I shoot the top, the bottom chunks will still stick), and I changed the support depth to 1 so that it breaks off in chunks.

There are more settings that could be altered to get a more refined result, but this is the basic setup I used above in my video.

It should be noted that I did NOT use PhysXLabs or the DCC plugin to create this object.

This method is solely using FBX chunks and two static meshes to achieve this effect.

Take a look at this forums post I did if you’re not familiar with them: https://forums.unrealengine/show...l=1#post207604