Destructible sphere - how to not make it break on first hit?

I’m just wondering how to properly create a destructable object that breaks after multiple collision hits from anything, or a single one if the collision is pretty hard.

I have a sphere which I shattered with the fracturing tool in UE 4.9.

I enabled it as a physics obj so it falls down.

I made the damage threshold 100.0, damage impact is 0.01, Damage cap is 25.

Yet, just by playing the scene, the sphere falls down and breaks up immediately. It’s not that its far up off the ground either, I try to keep the sphere as close to the ground as I can without having them clip, but once I hit play, it’ll shatter.

I also added a hit component event, screenshot here of the blueprint.

I tried putting support depth to 1 and 2 and although the object does not break immediately, it seems very clunky. The objects physics get all screwed up, the object gets pushed 100s of meters rather than 1-2 like before, as well as it acts strangely, once pushed one way, it’ll change directions for no reason at all etc. Putting the support depth to 0 fixes that issue, however then, the ball starts breaking upon first impact again.

Have you tried running a print string after the damage input? To see if it fires more than once?

hm, from the hit actor node in the screenshot above?

Yea, and one more thing, aren’t you applying damage to the actor/component the snowball hits instead of the snowball itself?

Thanks for the replies.

hm, yeah probably.

I tried binding a print string to the hit actor node, but only saw a single hit being made on collision.

So I just deleted everything from the blueprint, so basically I don’t even have a “on hit component”, it still breaks into pieces as soon as I hit play.

I’ve checked multiple tutorials, but they usually all just show how to reach this stage, to get a object shatter once it hits ground. I haven’t found ones that explain how to make the objects stronger and require multiple hits etc, I guess I’m doing something incorrectly.