Destructible meshes settings

Hi, we are trying to setup some destructilbe object in ou game, and i want to disable ALL UE4 auto damage to mesh, so i can use my own code for it.
but settings are a bit obscure and acts stanglely :

  • if i have EnableHitCollision=true and SimulatePhysic=true, it use the correct settings

  • if EnableHitCollision=true and SimulatePhysic=false object is destroyed when player touch it ( very slow speed, what ever value of destruction setting )

  • if EnableHitCollision=false and SimulatePhysic=false, object doesn’t fire ‘OnHit’ events, so i can’t handle damages myself on collision

Currently, i’m creating a second physic model around the destructive mesh, si i can manage damages myselfbut that’s a but overkill, and i got some random crash du to physic simulation ( and UE never give you even a hint about why it crashed )

So if anyone have experience with that feature i would love to get some help ! Thx !

I havent had the editor crash from destructibles, but ive had it completely freeze several times, i think turning off simulate physics fixes that, but im not sure. Anyway for what youre trying to do, dont use enable impact damage, it will damage when Anything set to block instead of overlap Slightly touches it. (or if you do, make a collider around the mesh that blocks the player and ignores everything else). And for the damage thing, I think this video should help Melee Weapon Part 6 UE4 Destructibles tutorial. - YouTube