Destructible meshes run-time collision issues

Hi guys,

I faced with a strange problem with destructible meshes it is impossible to enable collision at run time.

So here is example :
Initial settings :

Script to restore collision preset

I can catch break-point on event, so it looks like it is impossible to enable collision at run time.

The same logic for regular mesh works fine. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Added a link with video for more information :

Looks like a bug. Out of sheer curiosity, can you print Get Collision Enabled enum right after the Set node?

It looks like a bug for me.


LogBlueprintUserMessages: [NewBlueprint_2] No Collision

Before, I can’t fracture it) I always walk through it.

Not sure whether this works as intended, leaning towards a no here. Is this before the mesh gets fractured (in the world) or after?

I’ve recorded a video hope it brings more information Broken Destructible meshes collision - YouTube

in that video is the white Sphere your Destructible Blueprint? If you just want it to get destroyed when you walk into it theres a setting in the destructible editor that says “Enable Impact Damage” if you check that on it should fracture when you walk into it. Otherwise youre character will just keep bumping into it and youll have to do it through blueprints by using the apply damage node (which can get a little more complicated).

if the other sphere was your destructible, then double check that your pawns collision settings are set to block destructibles rather than overlap or ignore.