Destructible meshes dont fracture... at times

I have very simple setup, where my player shoots rockets, and when rocket hits an object it creates an explosion collision mesh to the hit spot.
When a Destructible Mesh in another blueprint (a component in it) starts to overlap with the explosion-tagged collision box, it it take damage and break apart.

This works fine… except when multiple things should break up at same point. When the explosion hits an area with 2-3 DMs, most of the time only 1 of them breaks, and the rest will
be in endless loophole where they wont break anymore. This doesnt look like an performance issue, as the DMs are all only 5-10 chunks each, and low poly models each. Game is running at solid 60+fps as well.

If I keep the blueprints far from each other, they work just fine, but when many of them should break at the same timing, randomly the abovementioned problem occurs, and I am lost :(. Any hints?