Destructible meshes | all meshes destructing

Hey! So I am having a go with destructible meshes and have found something I cannot figure out?

I have a test map setup with a basic building all using the same mesh, Wall400x400_DM… When I destruct one portion of the wall, all the meshes destruct…

Is there a way I should be using instances of the mesh or something?

Any advice would be lovely!

I am having this problem also, besides many other issues with destructible meshes. If someone could provide an answer to this question though it would be great.

This is likely the solution you’re looking for: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

If you’ve not setup any support depth the destructible will easily break apart on a single hit. If you’re still having it break apart on a single hit try lowering the damage spread value.

Additional problem I have with DM is if I leave support at 0, the whole mesh destroys. At support depth 1, one or two chunks will break off, but the remaining DM is no longer destructible. Also, I can’t use simulate physics either. If I have it turned on the whole thing falls apart as though the chunks were separate meshes from the start. I am new to ue4. Might as well ask all my questions at once.