Destructible Mesh

Hey folks,

I’m wondering as to why destructible / fractured meshes work in the Shooter Game example, but not in a newly created project. I took a quick look, but couldn’t see what enabled it.

Anyone care to shine some light on this?


Are you sure you migrated over the DestructibleMesh asset, rather than just the StaticMesh asset its based on? The DestrucibleMeshes should have an orangeish outline in the content browser, while the StaticMeshes are bright blue.

I’m creating a new Destructible Mesh, from an imported Static Mesh. It’s working perfectly in the shooter example, but when taken into a new project (first-person blueprint as foundation), it’s doing absolutely nothing.

I’ve tried re-creating it, but still the same result. It has a collision box and it’s fracturing perfectly within the previewer. When placed into the world though? Nope.

Is no one else noticing this problem? I’ve attempted it again, with an entirely new project and it’s doing the same. A new destructible mesh and it’s fracturing fine in the preview window. Yet, when placed into the world? It’s doing nothing.

Collision is working fine and when it’s hit, it’ll move. But it isn’t breaking apart, at all. Yet, if I follow the exact same process in the shooter sample, it works perfectly.

Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong here. Is there some option that I’m missing? And yes, I’ve tested it with a custom model and one of the included samples.

Are you applying any damage to them?

As nobody said, make sure you have destructible damage being applied. Also on the destructible mesh make sure you have “generate hit events” checked.

Just got back to checking this thread - Tesla to the rescue! Sounds about right.

It would appear that I inadvertently screwed up on the blueprint for the projectile. My bad there! I need to start double-checking things and paying closer attention! :wink:

And thanks Tesla, I actually followed a guide of yours! :slight_smile: Blueprints are pretty new to me, so they’re really coming in handy! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks all :wink: