Destructible Mesh


I recently created a destructible mesh from an asset that comes with UE4. Similar to the one in this tutorial. I have the mesh set up so when the player shoots it or even touches it, it begins to break. Everything works great when I’m using the Player Blueprint from the first person kit or even the top down kit. However when i use a custom pawn and player controller in a blank project i run into issues. My custom pawn Blueprint is physics based so it’s collision settings are set to the following.

Collision Presets : Physics Actor
Simulation Generates Hit Events : Is Checked
Generate Overlap Events : Is Checked

Not sure where i went wrong here. I’m sure it’s something silly. If anyone has any information that could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it!

How are you applying damage to the destructible?

I’m using apply damage from a radius. I also tried just apply damage. Both ways work in a starter kit, just not with my physics based pawn.

Do you know if the damage is being applied, but is ignored, or the damage is not being applied at all?

Yes damage is being applied. If i use a player input such as the right mouse button to fire the ApplyDamage Node, damage is applied and the mesh crumbles. If i use the OnActorHit Node, the ApplyDamage is never fired. For some reason the mesh is not detecting a hit and or overlap.

Anyone have any ideas or info on this?

What collision profile are you using for the pawn capsule? I take it you’re not getting hit events when your pawn touches the destructible mesh - if this is the case I’d expect the collision profile is not marked as blocking.
Could you attach a screenshot of your capsule setup in blueprint?