Destructible mesh World Support feature not working

Hello. I’ve been trying fort he last two hours to set up a destructible mesh to work with world support, to no avail. Not even Asset Defined Support works. Every time the DM is shot, it flies off, even when half of it is inside of a SM. The DM itself breaks fine, it interprets fracture depths well and the support chunks stay in position. Just not the entire DM. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve followed steps I’ve found like disabling “Simulate Physics” and use “Destructible” as collision setting, and nothing. Halp, this is getting on my nerves.

Hi Artistical,

You may also want to enable the flag for Do Not Damage on the chunks as well. They may be receiving too much damage which can still cause them to lose their world support. You can see this in your last image since the DM has fallen from the window, but is does not damage the ones marked as Do Not Fracutre.

On my personal site here I have multiple DM tutorials and a project that covers all the settings for DM in a Content Examples type fashion.

Also, I have a thread here on the Forums that has some additional tutorials and set ups that I’ve not moved over yet.

I hope this helps.


Yeah, I’ve followed your tutorials to the letter (they are really good, btw :smiley: ), and even double-checked against the world support DM in the Content Exaples project. I’ve also checked the do not damage flag, and I’m still getting the same effect.

Testing just now, it seems to be an issue with the projectile itself, for some reason. While the glass panel I shoot flies off, the glass panels behind it (which don’t have simulate physics flag checked) break just like I want them to. Only not with the sphere shot by the blueprint. I’m gonna have to check that out.

Doesn’t look like it though. Just walking over it generates the same effect. Ugh.

You can try adjusting the threshold of the damage to be a larger value and see if you get the same results. 1.0 Damage threshold is low. Try higher values like maybe 50000 and just work your way back from there if the issue doesn’t happen with that value. Try going down by 10000 each time until you see it happen and then start narrowing it down further by 1000 interval values. If this doesn’t solve it do you have a simple sample project you can share? I can try it out and give some feedback. Using one of my test projects, which I don’t use simulated physics objects as weapons, only line traces, I’m not seeing the same results. Even dropping/tossing simulated physics objects don’t reproduce on my end. Likely there is something simple here that could be tweaked for proper results.