Destructible mesh swinging problem!

Hi everyone! I am a beginner at UE4 and I am just testing it out now. I am trying to make 2 destructible meshes swing and bump into each other, destroying one another. I try making this happen by using 2 PhysicsConstraintActors, with physics turned on for both of the destructible meshes… but they don’t fall and swing, they just stay put, like they were static . Hope this is possible, but if not, is there any way to swing destructible meshes like normal static meshes? PS: I tried using static meshes and it worked… destructible meshes don’t seem to work… Sorry for the long question. Appreciate the help!

Hi Tudi Alex,

This issue is currently reported and can be tracked here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-33798)

At the moment, it is backlogged and specific to Destructible Meshes.


Thanks! It is really great to see how fast and consistent answers are!

Since you responded… is there anyway to disable collision on destructible mesh debris? I have been trying to find a way to do that for more than 1 hour and i still didn’t find anything. Thanks anyway!