Destructible mesh, - shooting


I have made a destructible mesh that breaks apart when dropped. But when I shoot it with my basic person, nothing happens.

Is there a a simple thing I am missing or is it far more complicated then I thought?


Hey Narghile,

Take a look at this tutorial I made a while back:

It’s probably a little rough around the edges since I wrote the majority of it around mid-end of Summer.

Take a look at step 10 and that will explain how to set up your Ball Projectile to work with destructibles.

For a little bit of explanation for what’s going on. You’re seeing the projectile fly through the DM because it hasn’t had the collision set up properly to detect each other. When you start with step 10 in that tutorial linked above it will walk you through setting the proper collision for the DM and for the projectile to interact. :slight_smile:

Also, you may be interested in this:

I provided a sample project using two types of projectiles (Line Trace and the Ball projectile) in the community tutorials section. It has both types already setup so you can see the difference. I would highly recommend the line trace as you can get much more control over the destruction without the ball projectile shoving fracture pieces in all sorts of direction.

Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck. I don’t mind helping.


Thanks Tim. Works well, now just need to work out how to stop my top brick flying about 100 meters after shooting the one under it.