Destructible Mesh shatters *SOMETIMES* on streaming level load

I suspect this may be a Tim Hobson question… :smiley: I have already checked the A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums and

I have my levels set up like this:
Destructible Mesh Puzzle1
Destructible Mesh Puzzle2
Destructible Mesh Puzzle3…

For the sake of simplicity the “puzzles” are like a table build out of cubes (not scaled in engine), with a cube on top. All destructible, and all set to physics enabled. All sizes exact so everything snaps into place.

Everything generally works as expected, but sometimes (1 out of 20) on level load 1 or many destructible meshes will shatter on load. Reload the same level and everything works fine. Sometimes it takes 2 level loads. It’s random. I think the vibrating of the physics causes damage and shatters, but not sure. I have their damage threshold turned up. I also wonder if some how they are vibrating into the other pieces shattering the other object. Sometimes there is no vibration at all, other times there are wobbly towers of stacked tables. They are all set up the same, with the same snapped positions.

Even suggestions of things to try I’m open to as I need to solve this before shipping. (I’ve tried a lot already but more ideas are always good)

I had a similar issue, using a wooden box, which always shatters (besides high threshold), and then a round marble, which worked well, but uses On Hit instead of on fracture.

A work around is this

Added a box collision, with collision set to Block All.

On Begin Event play, after delay 4, that box gets destroyed.

Interesting work around, I tried having physic turned off and back on, but this might be better. Is the collision, block all box, bigger than the original collision box? Doesn’t the box then have to settle after the 4 seconds? or are they the same size? I’m surprised that works and it doesn’t want to go crazy and explode for being inside a collision object. But great, I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

Yes, it is slightly bigger, and likely will not work if your destructibles move after removal of the outside collision box. Let me know if this works for you too. For moving, you could spawn each time such a box then, and set the 3dWorld size slightly larger.