Destructible mesh settings explained, can you?

Can anyone explain in detail what each parameter in the destructible mesh affects. i have a game in development that is heavy on utilizing this feature and I’m looking for ways to optimize my settings so I can pack out my levels with as many destroy-able meshes as possible. Also I need to make some meshes to respond to damage differently depending on what they are made of- glass, wood, concrete, metal, dirt.

Hi Mobflios,

Here is the documentation that explains the settings that are found in the fracture tool. These are word for word what is in the editor though if you hover over the settings.

Nvidia’s documentation for PhsyX destruction is a great resource as well.

Along with their tutorials using PhysX labs to get more refined and specific destruction results.

For the different elemental type of destruction you may need to use PhysX labs from to get more depth layers for control of the destruction. UE4 only allows one layer for destruction vs the multiple layers that you can have and export with PhysX Labs.

There is no specific settings that I know to provide to get the exact results for glass, concrete, metal , ect. These are settings you’ll have to tweak over and over to get the results you’re looking for.

I’m glad to be of help in any areas of destruction you have questions in and the information above should give you a good start at getting started with destruction meshes. :slight_smile:


Oh ok, well thank you Tim for your input. I’ll probably take you advice and work my assets with PhsyX they seem to have more control settings that’ll I need for this project.

Yeah it’s a lot of information, but once you dive in and start playing around with settings you’ll see all the fun stuff that can be done. Some other key points to remember are that you don’t have to do everything with the DM. Games fake a lot of things and using particle systems and other tricks can really sell an effect when added together.

As I said, if you get stumped or have any specific questions feel free to post and I’ll jump in and help out. :slight_smile: