Destructible mesh, quick action events (IE walking dead the game scenes)

So I have been tasked by my team to create the prototype quicktime events for our game Nora. IE you get a prompt to make a decision, press this button for this decision etc (think the walking dead game). In this prototype scenario I have three boxes that drop from the ceiling and must be targeted and shot, once shot they exploded.

Ive done the easy part and created the destructible meshes and added the particle effects and sound effects, ive also setup the inputs for 1, 2, and 3, great easy peesy! I know the next parts come in blueprint. Ive placed my trigger to start the scene, the camera must zoom in to over the shoulder, the player presses and holds 1 to target the first box, then 2 for the second, etc. If a box hits the floor it kills the player.

Since the destructible meshes can not be movers, I was thinking they would just have to simulate physics and drop. However, can physics be turned on within blueprint? Since they need to drop with a delay of a second (thats easy). So for example, player walks to trigger, blueprint has camera zoom to over the shoulder, blueprint activates physics on destructible meshes (if thats possible), meshes drop with a one second delay between each one, player hits 1 and holds to target first box, player shoots, box goes kablooey, and so on.

Setting up the player character is a whole nother all game for a different time, id like to make some progress on the actual events, any help would be appreciated

Anyone? ANything? Small hint?

I figured out the box spawning with a class blueprint and a tutorial :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2014-05-30 11.23.10.jpg