Destructible mesh problem - Bug?

I have destructible wall that I want the player to be able to shoot - once… That much works. I’ve created a “projectile” collision channel, I’ve got everything setup so that if the player runs into the wall, they die. If they shoot the wall, it explodes. Yeah!

The problem is, if they shoot the wall again while it’s exploding they can actually hit the particles of the explosion. I tried changing the mesh collision after it’s hit the first time, turning off collision, etc. But the 2nd projectile still collides with the pieces from the destructible mesh.

It seems as those the destructible mesh pieces inherit whatever collision settings the destructible mesh had at the time it was exploded. Is there any way to change this?

This is a bummer… I was trying to get this resolved before my game jam submission…

Just found this post from January:
Destructable Mesh, chunk without collision - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

In which this was stated by Tim Hobson:

So it does sound like it’s an engine bug… This is a bummer…