Destructible Mesh Platform delay destruction

Hello everyone here,

I am a 3d designer who just started using Unreal Engine 4. I have already built the environment of my level. And now I added a matinee actor to some meshes (platforms) to make them look they are “floating”. I have a character a First Person Character that can jump on these platforms.

I managed to make these platforms Destructible Meshes DM, but when my FPC jump on the top of them, they immediately get destroyed. And I don’t know how to add a delay… I know I should use blueprints to do this. It seems this should be the easiest blueprint. But I cannot do it. I tried thinking in this way:

I created for my blueprint actor three things: The platform Mesh, a collision box and the Destructible Mesh I created before. The idea I tried to do is, I have my platform mesh floating, with a collision box on the top, when the player overlap the collision box this one disappear and after few second my platform mesh is replaced by the destructible mesh. I AM NOT SURE IF THIS SHOULD BE THE WAY. Here I put a picture, please everyone not laughing at the same time… LOL…

This should be the easiest blueprint ever, but I don’t know how to write it… Any platform should game have it.